StudentsThe English Department at Kaplan Career Academy stresses the development of skills in reading and writing. In the area of reading, students are exposed to a variety of titles, classic and contemporary works, as well as multi-cultural titles. The emphasis is on teaching students to attain reading comprehension skills including analysis, interpretation, evaluation, and synthesis. Reading instruction also includes vocabulary development. In the area of writing, students are taught various types of writing including literary analysis, argumentation, narration, description, and research. Emphasis is placed on writing clear, logical, well-documented papers, as well as developing a voice. Grammar is taught as part of the writing process with an emphasis on the construction of a sentence. Additionally, students that are reading significantly below grade level are provided instruction by a remedial reading.

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Writing Practices that Improve Student Reading

Tips for English Success

  • Keep up with daily homework assignments. This does not always mean written work, but often does mean reading a certain number of pages from the text being studied.
  • Participate actively in class discussions. It is through class discussions that students learn to become critical thinkers and critical readers. Since such discussions are so important, many English teachers assign a grade for class participation.
  • Turn in papers on time. The English teacher will call home and/or contact residential staff before a student receives a zero on a paper.