Science News

Every day scientists are discovering new things and expanding our collective knowledge of the universe that we live in.  A good scientist, and a good science student, always keeps up to date on the most current research and developments.  Check out some of the news sources below to find out more about whats new in the world of science.

 Science Alert    New York Times - Science   National Geographic
 Discovery News    Science News
 Seeker - Science    BBC - Science  DOGO News
 Science Daily News    Science News For Students   Science Magazine - AAAS

If you're up for a challenge and want to get your science first hand from real research studies  check out these open access science journals, pre-print servers, and databases below.  bioRxiv  PLoS One
 Science Advances - AAAS  DOAJ  OSF Preprints

Choose a current news story that interests you and complete the worksheet below for credit.  Download the worksheet and save it with your name and class.  After you have completed the worksheet you can email it to or print it out and bring it in to class.

Current Event Worksheet.docx