Mr. Di Cesare
Welcome to Mr. Di Cesare's social studies page.  Mr. Di Cesare has been a teacher since 2000 and has worke
d at Kaplan Academy since 2012, the year that the school opened.  He went to SUNY Geneseo, where he ran in the NCAA Regional Championship meet in Cross Country.  His esoteric experiences at college led to several books, movies and TV shows, including the SyFy channel’s “School Spirits” show.  Mr. Di Cesare is a published author who has lectured at many colleges and who applies such experiences in his educational approach. “Concepts and vocabulary are important,” Di Cesare says, “but the application of them is often the key to understanding.”  He has taught a wide variety of classes including: US History and Government; Global Studies I and II; Economics; Career Exploration; Dramatic/Theater Arts; and Participation in Government.  Review the links located on the side bar to learn more about each of our social studies core courses and electives.

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